(1) Greetings, and an Explaination of Existance

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I was in school, I was taught in English classes over and over again, that the first paragraph of an essay or article should be a summary of the entire article, stating what would be said.  This post is NOT going to do that.  Opps, allow me to apologize to all those English teachers who would now wonder if I ever listened to them, or did I waste twelve years of public education and seven years of Secondary education.

Instead, I am compelled to start this Introduction article for my blog, with a caution and declaration meant for my family.  Certainly with the first few posts, and possibly forever, the only people reading this will be family members and a very few close friends that I consider family, who if I had children of my own, I’d be teaching them to call my friend “Uncle” or “Aunt”.  So it is logical for those people to think that when I write the individual posts, that I am thinking of THEM personally, and that I write these FOR them.  And that therefore what I say may be an attack against them.  And that could not be further from the truth.  So let me start this Introduction with stating flat out:  I wasn’t thinking of “YOU” when I formed the post, unless I flat out declare your name (“My niece is the greatest female on this planet”, “My nephew can be scarily smart!”, etc.)  These posts will be general thoughts, society as a whole.  You have been advised…

With that out of the way, allow me to state why this blog even exist.  I am not writing to talk to my family, such as to share photos of a recent vacation, or such.  This blog exists because I need to *VENT*.

I am blessed in that my brain is my greatest strength.  Lots of family members know that my greatest fear is running over a child with a car, and that was part of the reason I choose to no longer drive.  What I bet none of them know, is my second greatest fear, is the possibilty of suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease when I am old. This is because about the only thing I DO value of myself, is my brain, and thus if I have a disease that shuts down access to that brain, I would personally feel there would be no value of being alive at all.  That is how important my brain is to me, in my thought process.  I may not be Albert Einstein’s 21st Century’s counterpoint, but I definitely have a working brain.

I am cursed, however, because my brain is also my greatest enemy.  It won’t SHUT UP!  I have had many periods of time in my life where I suffered months of insomnia, not because of pain or a baby crying in the background, etc.  No, I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t shut off my brain, and it would constantly erupt “output of data”.  I have an airplane, a building, and a book idea of my own creation, all designs of my own imagination and that, without fail, will suddenly occupy my active thoughts as soon as I put my head on the pillow intending to sleep.  I hope it’s obvious that this can be a very frustrating thing, to live without the ability to pop my brain out of its’ skullcap and put it into a water-glass on the bedside when I turn off the lights.

So…  This blog exists as an attempt to provide an escape valve, a vent, for those thoughts.  I am hoping that by writing them down, that they will LEAVE my mind, and either free up room for different thoughts, or give me peace.  And, if people respond to my thoughts on the blog, that would great because maybe those responses will help clarify or reform the original thoughts I posted.  Maybe the thoughts are in my head all the time because I somehow know they are wrong, but can not see the error.  Maybe my thoughts are there because they are so great that everyone needs to be forced to see them.  But, regardless, they are THERE, and hopefully writing them down causes a change.

Therefore, welcome to my vent blog.  Please exhibit moderate caution when near the vent hole, and wear protective goggles at all time.  You are duly notified that you are about to enter…  My mind.


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